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Release: sChecklist

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BTW, Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down currently moves a highlighted selection up and down through the list.  I'll add corresponding toolbar buttons as well.

Was looking for something like this a while back  :up:

Made a few lists here (win 8.1 x64) - they saving fine. Well thought out, I was going to request a couple of things, then found them in the toolbar :-)

Wonderful minimalism.

Two ideas:

1) "Export to txt" (although user can manually open the .checklist file in notepad) and "Export to pdf"
2) Indented / grouped tasks, e.g.:

* item 1
* item 2
* item 2.1
* item 2.2
* item 2.3
* item 3
Don't know if they fit your vision, but I often break larger tasks into sub-tasks, hence the need for indentation.

Very nice and elegant.  :up:

A print option would also be nice to have.


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