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Skwire,  I have autosize columns checked in my options, but if I have an entry that is too long it gets trunkated even though I have the gui window big enough.
I would expect it not to trunkate if the GUI is big enough - so the autosize columns needs to resize with the GUI.


I ran into the same problem a while ago. Switching to Details View should help:

Re: disappearing list contents

On a hunch, I did a little exploring.  I looked in the \Program Files\sChecklist folder and found the following: The file "checklists.dat" contains a list of the individual checklists.  The actual individual checklists are separate files (e.g. "Bugs.checklist") in the subfolder "checklists".  I then deleted the .checklist file that contained the actual list of bugs  (\Program Files\sChecklist\checklist\Bugs.checklist).  I did NOT change anything in the master list file (checklists.dat).
Lo and behold, when I ran the program, there was an entry in the left column for Bugs, but the data in the right column (i.e. the actual list) was gone.  My guess is that the list hasn't been changed, it's data file has been deleted!  Since the entry in the checklists.dat file is still there, the program thinks it is a new list and (re)creates a Bugs.checklist file with a zero size.  If I am right, then why a random file with the extension "checklist" would be deleted is a still pretty good mystery.  My first suspect would be any part of the code that causes the individual data file to be deleted.

Oops. Forgot the specs:  sChecklist v1.1.6 Bld 1  running on Windows 7.1 Pro x64

Non-installer / portable tools shouldn't be placed in a C:\Program Files (sub)directory, as Administrator rights are required to be able to create/change files there (Windows security feature).
Moving all files to f.e. \Portable\sChecklist should give better results.


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