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Meant to get back with you sooner, skwire.  The nearest I can tell, is somewhere between possibly running CCleaner, or rebooting following updates, the stuff can go missing.  Almost as though the data is being kept in a temporary - or unprotected - area of memory. (just a novice's impression.)  Could it possibly use a 'save' button - to re-write the data base / text file, to prevent this from happening?  I dunno.  But it's a damnable glitch in such a handy little app.-Parchuvegal (March 12, 2015, 02:37 PM)
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Just for clarification, is this something you still notice in the latest version?

version 1.1.4 - that is correct.

Nice-to-have: ESC to hide, irrespective of hotkey, or rather in addition to the hide/show hotkey.

I've become conditioned to pressing ESC to dismiss a window - a habit reinforced by other apps so that I keep doing it without thinking. Only to be reminded countless times a day that this won't do for checklists, here I have to use the toggle-shortcut with modifier keys.

Here you go.  Apologies for the delay.   :up:

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v1.1.6 - 2015-05-04
    + Added "Escape to minimize" option.  (Thanks, ScreenManiac)

Thank you so much.
All is good now. Smooth and effortless, plain sailing.  :Thmbsup:


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