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Many thanks. Much better now.  :Thmbsup:
Anyway, all is fine now.-ScreenManiac (February 19, 2015, 03:04 AM)
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Right on.  =]  Thanks for reporting back.

skwire, I 1st downloaded this little app a few months (?) ago, but it fell into disuse when I discovered it arbitrarily 'eating' all the entries, under any particular list.  In fact, I was about to remove it altogether, when I discovered your latest, updated release.  So I removed the old, and unpacked this new version (1.1.4), but have once again encountered the same problem.  Namely, on checking the Lists, I found all the items completely gone - never to be found - from one of my lists.  (The 2nd list, of 3.)  Any Idea what could be causing this? 

BTW, I believe I had previously 'cut.' these entries from the 1st List, in order to create the 2nd List, if that means anything at all. 

Warmest regards,

I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with the application.  If you can provide me with a specific set of repeatable steps to reproduce the issue, I should be able to fix it.

I can confirm a similar issue to the one reported by Parchuvegal, although I cannot reproduce it anymore. In my case it happened with the old version one time, and although I cannot recall the exact steps, it also had to do with "outsourcing" items from one list to another, completley new list that I had just created. If I remember correctly, the list was created successfully, but then I tried to re-order my lists by drag&drop, which does not work of course. Anyway, somehow I ended up with 2 identical lists, with all the original items of one list gone forever. A very aggravating experience, but since I was unable to reproduce it, I chalked it up to some kind of user error.

What I wished for that time - and still think it might be helpful - auto-backups, so if anything goes wrong, we can revert to the last version before closing down the program and overwriting all lists.

Meant to get back with you sooner, skwire.  The nearest I can tell, is somewhere between possibly running CCleaner, or rebooting following updates, the stuff can go missing.  Almost as though the data is being kept in a temporary - or unprotected - area of memory. (just a novice's impression.)  Could it possibly use a 'save' button - to re-write the data base / text file, to prevent this from happening?  I dunno.  But it's a damnable glitch in such a handy little app.


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