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Long time members with over 50 posts, report for disbursement duty

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Time for an experiment in sharing some donations...

If you have been a member of the forum for over a year and have over 50 posts, and would like to give out $10 in donationcredits to others on the forum that you think are making this place better, please post a reply here (or send me a personal message) and I will send you $10 in donationcredits which you should give out to others on the forum as you see fit (use whatever criteria you wish to decide on recipients and amounts).

I haven't been very active for a while, although I browse the forums pretty much every day, but I'm in! There are certainly some posters that are deserving of some extra credits!

I'll do it.  I was getting ready to do it anyway. :)

I'd also suggest that we... slant at least half of it towards newer members that have been getting into the mix, otherwise we'll just be swapping funds when we should be encouraging newcomers. ;D

Sent. Next!


Heh I'm a procrastinating git these days, but I'd like to do this too.

I'm not sure who of the newer members has really caught my eye yet though.


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