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Clips copied from CHS window dont show in QuickPaste list

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hi mouser
occasionally I open the main CHS window and search for older clips which I copy to the clipboard. These do not show in the QuickPaste list at all, which makes it pretty awkward to actually use them, except on an individual basis.

Could this be changed?

I've noticed this too recently, and it's definitely a bug and it's definitely annoying!
I will try to get out a CHS update this weekend and make sure this fix is in it.
Thanks for the nudge.

Thanks for the nudge.
-mouser (June 05, 2014, 08:15 AM)
--- End quote ---
nudge nudge
(wink wink ;-))


Thanks for nudge #2.. I have been unproductive lately..  I've had my CHS todo cards laid out on my desk for last 10 days, so its next in the queue.. Just have to get the queue moving!

Ok I have an attempted fix; i will upload tomorrow for testing.


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