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Sniper Elite V2 free on Steam for one day

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Sniper Elite V2 is free on Steam today

Sniper Elite V2 is Free on Steam for the next 24 hours (ending 5th June at 10AM PST / 6pm BST)! Download it today for nothing and own it forever, share with your friends and build the ultimate sniping team!
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DC member Skwire and I have been playing through the co-op campaign sporadically over the last couple of months.  It's two-player only online co-op playing through the entire first-person game.

As someone who doesn't play multiplayer online games much at all, I have to say I have never had a better time playing an online game.  If you love sniper games, this is an amazing one, and the 2-player online co-op is a joy to play with a friend.  Slow paced, methodical, atmospheric, tense, the whole kit.

ps. Sniper Elite v3 comes out this month.

Thanks! :Thmbsup:

Is it only 2-player co-op? Or can we do even more? That would be cool to get a 3-8 player DC co-op game going.

Just 2 players.

Yep, we've been having a great time playing, especially using my Murmur (Mumble) server for voice chat.  Speaking of which, everybody is welcome to use my server at for whatever you need.


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