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Gamify your coding with Codeivate


Doesn't support very many text editors and IDEs, yet.

Don't be misled by any of the "free trial" buttons on the site. It's donationware. Payment to help support the site is appreciated and optional.

Think about how many hours you spend each day, month, and year, at work, school or home writing code. Codeivate is designed to record these allowing you to track your progress overtime, identify trends and compare yourself against others.
The more you code the higher level you will achieve in any of the 50+ languages Codeivate records. Code without getting distracted to earn Focus points.
Install the plugin through the Sublime package manager and check your stats in realtime. Compare yourself to others in the industry on the trends page. Log in to gain insight into your performance over the last week.
Codeivate is brought to you by a small, agile, experienced and passionate team from Wellington, New Zealand. Focused around crafting an interesting and useful service for programmers from beginner through to guru. Currently in beta and under active development Codeivate encourages self-improvement and motivates you to achieve mastery at your trade.


*     Tracks 50+ languages including:
*         C++, Ruby, CSS, Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML
*     Community stats how are you doing vs the world?
*     API access see or
*     Dynamicly updated signatures
*     editable from
*     Online summary, compete with your friends
*     Personal detailed dashboard, whats your most productive time of day?
*     Easy installation through Sublime package control
*     Cross platform Sublime text integration
*     No hassle, passive recording
*     Range of notification settings growl, notify-send
*     Coderbits support

*     Based on the recognised 10,000 hours philosophy
*     Trains you to focus
*     Makes coding into a game
*     Helps you to analyse and improve your work habits
*     Encourages self-improvement
*     Allows you to compare yourself with others in your industry

*     Developer team dashboards
*     More personal analytics
*     Improved cheating detection
*     Other IDE integrations
*     Ideas welcome.
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There's also one for Visual Studio that's been around for a while:

The last thing I need; a reminder of how much I'm NOT coding...  :-[

Doesn't support very many text editors and IDEs, yet.
-app103 (June 03, 2014, 05:03 PM)
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I can't find info on the site of what editors/IDEs it DOES support.  Got a link?  If it can hook into Lazarus or Geany, I might give it a shot.

Works with Sublime text 2 & 3
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You can find the list on the install page.

And there are others coming soon (type "plugin" in the top box):

No Lazarus or Geany yet.


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