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[2014-09-17] GoogleTranslator+ | Translate Anything, from Anywhere

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Hi all DonationCoders,
I'd love to introduce to you my new DonationCoding project : Google Translator+

Some words about Google Translator+
✓ Last update : 2014-09-17

✓ Translate selected text from any window;
✓ Clipboard translation;
✓ Option to change from-to languages for translation;
✓ Auto-detect source language;
✓ Save three favorite pairs of languages
✓ Auto-save configurations on exit;
✓ Look up for definition;
✓ Instant translation;
✓ Translate text of objects in the active window, e.g. a MessageBox;
✓ Look up for definitions, for abbreviation (2014-09-17).

Links to Google Translator+
# #download_link
# #log

Thank you for your consideration.

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Installation Notes
✓ Portable
✓ DotNet Framework 4.0

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[2014-09-17] GoogleTranslator+ | Translate Anything, from Anywhere

Very nice.  Seems to work well.  As a suggestion, I'd add a toolbar for the basic functions, too.  Some folks won't remember the hotkeys.

Thanks for sharing!

I can't wait to see what bizzi does for the next NANY event.

(f)ix | (n)ew feature | (r)emoved feature
#(n)#all#2014-06-04#Auto-detect source language {F7}
#(n)#all#2014-06-04#Restore translation window as foreground window when translation done
#(n)#all#2014-06-04#Press {ESC} to minimize

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As a suggestion, I'd add a toolbar for the basic functions, too.  Some folks won't remember the hotkeys.
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Thank you for your suggestion, skwire.
I will do some (+) on GUI as soon as possible. I love to make things as simple as possible, too :)

Thanks ego!
I like it and it works well here too :up:

Would it be possible to have it automatically translate text in any language to a user-chosen default language? This default language would also automatically be translated according to the settings.
In your case, all languages could be translated to Vietnamese. Vietnamese could be translated to e.g. English.
You would then need two settings:
        1) [*] => [Vietnamese]
        2) [Vietnamese] => [English]

Also, to facilitate easier access:

* could it minimise or close to the tray?
* maybe a universal hotkey** to restore it's window. Or even better, a hotkey that will restore window and translate already selected text :-)
** would have to be customisable I guess


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