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TrueCrypt - new and genuinely open project born to replace it


I was going to post this in the currently running TrueCrypt thread.

But since this project marks an entirely new effort - divorced from whatever did or didn't happen to TrueCrypt - I thought it better to create a separate discussion. Because it's really a totally different beast.

It's just getting on its feet. But they have a website up (it's hosted in Switzerland - a smarter move) which can be found here.

The site has more info and will eventually host a forum and team blog. In the meantime they are also hosting copies of TrueCrypt for all platforms (scroll to bottom of the webpage) as it was before that surprise announcement from the original developers. They have also loaded the source code up to GitHub so all you coding types can have at it if you'd care to.


This is not a fork (yet), we just coordinate, a fork will probably have a new name. Combining efforts is most important for now.

    First priority: Making the product available again.
    Second priority: finding interested and capable persons volunteering to help. Identify and solve legal issues. Identify Security Threats.
    Additionally: we will wait for the result of the Open Crypto Audit
    Third priority: Fork the project and solve security threats. Found a support association for continued development.

Downloads in the first 24 hours: There is still demand for a product like TrueCrypt!

Continuing Effort

Currently it is very unclear what really happened. Was it really just the end of a 10year effort, or was it driven by some government. While a simple defacement is more and more unlikely we still don't know where this is going. However the last 36 hours showed clearly that TrueCrypt is a fragile product and must be based on more solid ground. We start now with offering to download the Truecrypt file as is, and we hope we can organize a solid base for the Future.

There are no signs that there is any known security problem within TrueCrypt 7.1a and the audit will go on uninterrupted. Even though the trust into the developer team has diminished drastically, we believe that there needs to be an Open Source, Cross-plattform full-disk encryption option.

The Team

Currently Thomas Bruderer and Joseph Doekbrijder are organizing the effort, and we hope that we get other supporters soon. If you want to get involved contact us via Twitter.
Thomas Jos

We appreciate all the help offered, we are contacted on different channels right now, which is hard to follow. Any confirmed information or support offers are welcome, please contact us via this e-mail: [email protected]

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Aggravating and disappointing as all this has been, in many respects something far better is beginning to emerge from it. And although it's fashionable in some quarters to diss the free open software concept, I think an effort like this one is largely made possible by the existence of the global FOSS community. Doubters should feel free to disagree, even as they continue to reap the benefits.

Onward! :Thmbsup:

Under what license is the code? Can it be used on closed source, or only open source?

Under what license is the code? Can it be used on closed source, or only open source?
-rxantos (July 06, 2014, 09:30 PM)
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The license should be at one or both of the links above.


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