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(new) icon - make it easier to hit on touch screen device

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The (new) icon on the subject line of the 'UNREAD POSTS' page is an essential part of my DC-workflow. Quite often, I'm using my iPad to read on the DC forums. With the retina display, it's actually quite comfortable to read without having to zoom in. Unfortunately, hitting that (new) icon is a bit of a gamble. Often, I'm hitting the subject line instead of the (new) icon, taking me to the very first post instead of to the new one.

Would it be possible to make hitting that (new) icon somehow more reliable? Maybe by adding more white space between the icon and the subject link, or by putting it into a dedicated column, or by any other means...

That makes some sense.  If someone makes a new larger (taller) icon and i added some whitespace, that might do the job. anyone?

The same, or at least comparable, feature would be nice for the 'all unread' list, where the icon is quite small, but I assume it's using the same icon :tellme:

Not sure what icon you're talking about.. screenshot?

Steps are: [1] choose Unread Posts at the bottom of the forum frontpage, and (trying) to touch the smallish icon near [2] (not the checkbox)
(new) icon - make it easier to hit on touch screen device


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