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LINUX: It's official - Mint 17 "Qiana" released to distribution

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I'm using the guest additions that were installed with LM here (as far as I know they've been included for a while in Ubuntu and LM?), works fine for mouse integration and shared folders and such.

I just tried Mint17 Mate x64 Live.  I just set the params quickly.  2 GB ram, 16x9 video, hw accel etc.  But it seemed like something was sticky or strange.  Every time I closed the window with the Computer icon, there was another underneath.  Finally I clicked Close All Windows to be done with it.  Maybe I'll try again after a couple of intervening versions.

Looks like the XFCE version is out:

...and the KDE version:

v2 releases of Mate and Cinnamon are avaliable:

Apparently they contain the following fixes:

MDM crash with non-xrandr compatible GPUs


Dangerously ambiguous label could lead people to mistakenly wipe their hard drive


Driver Manager didn’t handle missing firmwares correctly


Corrupted APT sources when / partition wasn’t formatted


Better out of the box experience for Steam, Wine, Skype, LibreOffice-base


All level 1 updates were added

--- End quote ---

See the post for more details.


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