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WinXP registry hack enables further security updates

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Midnight Rambler:
Say what you want about PC World but I followed the advice in this article, "Windows XP registry hack keeps security updates rolling for the dead operating system" and windows update found four extra updates for my WinXP SP3 box:

WinXP registry hack enables further security updates

Installed, rebooted and everything seems fine so far.

I am asking because I haven't tried it (and don't intend to, to be honest):

Do Office products run/get updates in POS version?

Microsoft says "Don't do it" because the updates are actually for different versions of Windows (though, admittedly, 'variants' of XP) and may be a bit on the unsafe side:,26882.html

Make of that what you will, I'm only interested because my lovely wife is still on XP, and is seriously considering letting me install Linux on her creaky desktop  :tellme:

I did it for this round, because there's only like 20 tech mags out there and hundreds of millions of XP users right? So when a couple of them did it themselves and it worked, they didn't get 55,000 angry "you suk" messages back.

Maybe not the way to go forever but to me it's gotta be a shade better than just a growing black hole.

I'm actually with you on that, but how long before the "Non-Windows XP" updates come out that will not install on anything but Embedded and Server 2003?  I do believe that time is coming...


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