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TrueCrypt alternative

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I've been spending the past few hours encrypting an OpenBSD machine with OpenBSD's own softraid(8) tools. At least full disk encryption works like a charm. Container files might work via vndconfig (which is deprecated). So, basically, OpenBSD seems to be a viable TrueCrypt alternative.

Midnight Rambler:
Maybe Veracrypt could be an alternative for Truecrypt.
-The_Doomer (June 22, 2014, 06:12 AM)
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From this article, How to encrypt sensitive data? Put it in an encrypted container, VeraCrypt looks to be a TrueCrypt clone which implies a shorter learning curve.  Going to install this to, um - verify.

Like CipherShed (formerly or TCnext), VeraCrypt is a fork of TrueCrypt.  Apparently one difference in VeraCrypt is that the containers are not compatible with TC containers for some reason that I don't fully understand (something to do with the number of rounds of hashing that keys go through).

A blog posting on CipherShed indicates that there's some level of cooperation between CipherShed and VeraCrypt, but it's unclear to what degree:


Midnight Rambler:
Indeed.  VeryCrypt wouldn't open one of my TC files.  The program just hanged (hung?).  Maybe the next version will or one can create a new container with the same files and delete the TC container along with TC itself.

I'm glad at least there is a viable alternative available that's both free and open source.  It appears to be the most versatile currently available and I tend to trust Lincoln Spector's advice.

Midnight Rambler:
Emailed Spector regarding the article and his response:

VeraCrypt changed its file format to improve security. It should have offered TrueCrypt file support--at least in read-only--but it didn't.
You can still download TrueCrypt 7.2, which I believe is read-only. Use it to move your files to a new VeraCrypt container.

So one should create a new VeraCrypt container, transfer the TC files into it then delete the TC container along with TC itself.  Think though I'll wait to do this until a newer version of VeraCrypt is posted as I have a bias against v. 1.x programs.  Rather like never buying the first model year of a new car model, which brings to mind another advantage of TC in that it was a mature program.  Sure will miss it despite its funky container setup procedure.


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