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TrueCrypt alternative

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@The_Doomer: Thanks. Looks rather very interesting.   :up:
I wonder if Amazon AWS is a potential candidate for using Veracrypt? Maybe not without some difficulty, as I see the latter, though based on TrueCrypt:
VeraCrypt storage format is INCOMPATIBLE with TrueCrypt storage format.

--- End quote ---

PS: Nice icon you have there...

TrueCrypt is still alive and well! TrueCrypt Archive.

Midnight Rambler:
Interesting read, cyoung_mi.  So stick with v7.1a for now until late summer of 2014. 

@cyoung_mi: Thanks for the link to the Gibson Research post. Very interesting.
Note that once TrueCrypt has been independently audited
it will be the only mass storage encryption solution to have
been audited. This will likely cement TrueCrypt's position
as the top, cross-platform, mass storage encryption tool.

--- End quote ---

This was why the developers' actions - attempting to pull the plug on TC - seem so strange, and premature. They would have known whether the audit was likely to find any major fault, and that their pulling the plug was unlikely to stop the audit completing in any event.

In the end I strongy suspect there'll be nothing at all mysterious or sinister behind any of this. I'm guessing they were simply hired by somebody, and were either required to ditch their old opus as a condition of employment/contract - or they did it on their own as a gesture of goodwill to whomever. Probably either Microsoft or Uncle Sam.


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