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TrueCrypt alternative

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Midnight Rambler:
Now that TrueCrypt is dead, I and likely many others are looking for alternative freeware disk encryption programs.  MS's own BitLocker is mentioned often but to my knowledge can only be used on certain versions of Vista, Win 7 and 8.  Also have heard of DiskCryptor but this program appears to be not the most user friendly.  Anybody?

To my mind the best alternative to Truecrypt is ... Truecrypt.

- Has Truecrypt ever failed the basic file system store/retrieve process for anyone here?
- Has anyone shown or explained an exploit based on algorithm or due to coding error (as opposed to brute force, or finding keys cached in memory, or "ghost-reading" frozen memory sticks)?
- Are there any valid reasons anyone could think of why a perfectly good encryption product, that has been in use for years, reliably, without known vulnerabilities or exposures, might be shut down without much notice (nobody say Lavabit)?

Just sayin'.

Edit: Of course the above could as well be in the other Truecrypt thread. I am always interested in other comparable encryption tools, and have looked around extensively but have not found its equal. That said, for individual file encryption (which Truecrypt doesn't do) I tend to use Axcrypt (or fSekrit for pure text files), sometimes that's more appropriate for my purposes.

I think it will only be a matter of time before a functionally equivalent, fully audited, and genuinely open replacement appears. There's far too much interest and demand for it to remain unmet. And FOSS abhors such a vacuum. 8)

Are personal users using Truecrypt containers in communication or in the cloud (email, Dropbox, etc.)? If not and using 7.1a on a local network - or in more 'paranoid' case on an offline computer - then I agree with

To my mind the best alternative to Truecrypt is ... Truecrypt.
--- End quote ---

If an equivalent arrives more power to those creating it and they will most likely have me as a user.

+1  :Thmbsup:


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