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Post capture window, just want thumbnail panel and my image


Hi guys, sorry if this has been asked, I'm not seeing it, but that might be because I'm not looking right. What I want to do is to make the post-capture window(The editor?) only have the Thumbnail Panel and my image. I don't need all of the data at the bottom, and I only use my caps to get data off of them, so having a little more screen real estate would be great, as sometimes the numbers I want are fuzzy, but going to 100% cuts off part of the image.

Is this possible? Am I just missing the setting by calling it the wrong thing in the settings?

Also: Thank you for an awesome app!!! This thing is hands down the BEST screencap app I've ever used, paid or free!!

Try resizing the bottom part by maneuvering the mouse on the divider between upper and lower parts, until your mouse pointer gets the double arrows - I guess you know the procedure - then drag all the way down, out of your view.

Perfect... Wasn't seeing the mouse pointer switching when I was trying to find it, but going a little slower made it work. Thanks for the tip(Should have been obvious). I appreciate it! :Thmbsup:


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