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Auto Cropping Book Cover Images

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Never mind about the need for a way to use Autohotkeys  "Send" Command using characters or Menu items for "Auto Crop".  There appears to be something left over from  Enabling Scan that ends up selecting the foreground automatically for me (if post Scan is configured to do this).  This occurs when I do a Rotate (I always rotate 90 degrees).  I don't know why it does this but I am glad it does since I need some way of programmatically selecting the Foreground which this does.  Then I simply do a crop and I end up removing the background.

I use the Webcam exactly the same way I use a Scanner.  It is just much faster.  It would be nice if when I grab an Image from the webcam it could be set up so it would do ALL the configurations you have for post capture of Scanned Images - select foreground, rotate 90 deg, de-skew, remove background ect.

One thing I have not be able to do which would be a GREAT help if I could get it working, is to is to select the Foreground after I do a De-skew.  Is there a way to do this? Am I missing something?  It does not work for Scanned, or Webcam Images.

If I do a de-skew and then crop out the the edges that are no longer part of the Image then I believe I can get it to work.  The problem with this is so far I have not found a way to do this automatically but need to crop it manually which defeats the purpose for my application.

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One other thing the reason the all the add a little black borders takes time is that I am going through the menu and so the display flashes as I do this slowing things down substantially.  If there was a Cntr or Alt key shortcut to do this it would go much faster since it would not need to go through the display.

I believe Autohotkeys often handles this type of thing by using a "Control Send" command instead of a "Send" command.  With the "Control Send" the Window can be minimized and every thing happens in the dark (so to speak) so it is much faster since the display is not activated with each send key menu command.  However, it appears that when one Minimizes Screen Captor it does not really go into a Minimized state but into some other Mode?  I have not gotten this approach to work with Screenshot Captor.

Do you know of a way I could get around the slow down problem above of adding incremental black to the edge of the picture many times to get a larger black boarder?  What I am using presently is workable but it does add about 2 or 3 seconds to the Image Processing Time - that is with adding 22 small black boarders.  I am sure if the Menus were not flashing - ie use a Alt or Cntr shortcut instead of sending keystrokes to the Menu Items, then doing this even 22 times would be VERY fast.

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It would be great to have a 3rd Party App to be able to do more on cropping the image.  How do I get in touch with the member above you mentioned who has written a Crop App?
-Relned1 (December 14, 2014, 02:09 AM)
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probably BookCrop:

Yep, BookCrop was what I was thinking of.


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