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Anyone using CherryTree for Windows, or Linux for that matter?

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I'm curious if anyone has experience with CherryTree.  I've tried a few of these universal note utilities and nothing has really grabbed me.

I use it. Primarily because it does what I need it to do and it's multi-platform. It's nothing that remarkable IMHO. At least as far as the simple way I use it goes. But I'm one of those people that always followed that bit of advice that went: "it's ok to go out on a date. But when it comes tools, don't ever marry. Don't even fall in love."  8)

About the only 'tools' I can honestly say I'd be very upset about losing are the '72 Gibson L9S Ripper and '68 Ampeg B-15N I own.

(Nobody's totally immune! ;D )

Occasionally, installed with others like Basket Note Pads. It's good but hasn't made me want to use it regularly.

Thanks for the replies. If it runs without seeming flaky then I'll give it a shot.  Especially since it looks like at some level I'm going to start playing around with Linux again.  :)

I'm using TreeLine at the mo, but have Cherrytree on the back burner.  There are LOTS of hierarchical note-taking apps around, much more than there were when I was using Notecase before they went pay-fer.  So if CherryTree doesn't work out, you still have quite a few options...


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