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Any options to search Outlook contacts/addressbook?


Recently "upgraded" laptop to Windows 7 64bit with SSD.
Installed Outlook 2013 and in the past, was able to search contacts immediately via Windows super key (search).
With my "new" laptop, this doesn't work anymore...
Can FARR be configured with a script or some other option to do this?

You could try my FARR Windows Search plugin. People have been using it with mixed success though (reporting stability issues which I was never able to pinpoint).

It seems to work for contacts; at least the ones in my local address book (not the global ones though).

in FARR type:

ws contact [the contact your looking for]

Thanks Phil but don't think it's helping much.

Copernic Desktop used to do it just well too, but now, version 3 is shareware and $50 is a bit steep just to get quick access to contacts.


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