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Nice guide to using a RAM disk

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TechARP has posted the RAM Disk Guide Rev. 2.0, a useful guide to when and how to use a ram disk under Windows.

Nice find.

RAM disks are like the proverbial tennis racquet argument: You don't often need one - but when you do, there's no real substitute.

RAM disks have gone out of vogue a bit due to the speed of today's disk technologies. And I'm not completely sure how much value they might bring to the desktop environment. But for certain situations (on servers) they're a very handy option to have.

Thx for sharing. :Thmbsup:

Thansk @xtabber, that's a rather useful Guide, after reading which I have downloaded and installed SoftPerfect RAMdisk for a trial.

guoguo yong:
Thanks you all

I installed SoftPerfect RAMdisk and used it for a while, and it caused a such wicked crash and blue screen (Win 7 64 bit) that I had to restore my system from a backup.

Never again!


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