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Nice guide to using a RAM disk

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I installed SoftPerfect RAMdisk and used it for a while, and it caused a such wicked crash and blue screen (Win 7 64 bit) that I had to restore my system from a backup.-HankFriedman (November 01, 2014, 04:17 PM)
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I've been using it for the last couple of years, a 2GB RAM drive on Win 7 x64 and now 8.1 x64 - no problems at all.

I use Bond Disc ( to make a 640 MB RAM Disk that is set to be the R: drive and I store my Browser's Cache, Printer Spool, and Flash Cookies on it (by making a Symbolic Link that points to its location on my HDD). I have it set to backup to C:\ramdisk.sna (via Drive Snapshot) every night (via Task Scheduler) and on reboot (via Shutter). I then set it up to restore from C:\ramdisk.sna to R: on login (via Drive Snapshot). Its REALLY FAST and works well on Windows 10 (not sure about Windows 8 ).

EDIT: A screenshot of a benchmark I just did is attached so you all can see exactly how fast it is.

Switched to ImTool about 6 months ago because of its Dynamic RAM disk ability, it only uses what it needs the rest is available for the OS, (similar to what the Amiga used to have).

So now have a 6GB RAM disk set as system temp, works well on Win10 x64.

Links for 4wd's post:

site and download link (latest version is from Feb 2016)

Ghacks article on the software from Jan 2014

40hz and x16wda: Many thanks for the useful reference to ImDisk and the ghacks review of same.


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