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PDF saves are grayscale

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I'm on 4.8.3 version still, but not sure this would be causing this. I have been unable to save captures to pdf's in full colour for a while, only in grayscale.. I thought I may have tweaked a setting some place, but I can't really find anything. The scanner toolbar options do not suggest much ..

Any help will be gratefully received.

PS. I have thought of restarting SC and colour pdf's are back :) Could this be a memory-related thing? Anyway, I'm glad I can use the pdf export again!

How are you capturing to PDF? I couldn't see any option to capture directly as a PDF, at least in 4.8.5.

How strange -- it's saving in color for me.
Let me ask if you take a screenshot, then do File -> Save As and then choose pdf, is it still grayscale?

Screenshot Captor has a couple of ways of making PDFs -- one is in the SaveAs dialog.  Another is you can select a bunch of images and make a multipage PDF of all of them combines.

I saw those (and they work in color for me), but I couldn't find a way to capture directly to a PDF.


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