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Stoic Joker:
Sorry, I wasn't trying to be a harbinger of ill man, it's genuine concern. I worked in optical for 5 years with my wife and saw how things played out first hand then. If someone's vision started changing a bit to frequently, the doctors recommended people get their sugar checked. Some chose to have theirs checked, and some died. Now I'm out of that and into IT but the wife is a Medical Assistant for a large group of doctors, and has been for a decade or so. She sees this type of thing constantly ... If caught early it's no big deal to treat, but...

An eyeglass prescription is considered to be expired after 2 years. So in that period of time a change is highly expected. But if one's vision is changing in the 6 month or less range..(see above).

It's my supposition that life expectancy rises as the square of the distance from people in the health care business in South Florida.  I'm sure there are honest well meaning people in it. But just like when you fix your car, the guy in the overalls may be honest, but the management may push pressure sales tactics.

If it ain't broke I don't want to fix it.
If they don't find anything wrong with you they run more tests.
As Curly Howard used to say "If at first you don't succeed, keep
on suckin' 'til you do suck seed."  :)

I've had enough of the health care business after taking care of parents with non curable ailments thank you.


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