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ExportSnapshot - Lightroom plug-in to create snapshot on export


I've been using Lightroom for managing my photos lately, and I was looking for an option to automatically create a snapshot in the Develop module whenever I export a photo for upload to services like 500px.

To explain briefly; Lightroom is non-destructive and stores a history of changes you apply to your photo. You can create a named snapshot of a certain state, so you can go back to it later after making other changes. It can be nice to have a snapshot of the state a photo was in when you exported it.

So, I thought this would be a good opportunity to try writing my first plug-in for Lightroom :Thmbsup:.

Many plug-ins seem to be commercial, or at least contain compiled Lua files that you cannot modify or learn from, so I decided to make this one available for free under an open-source license:

Fair warning: This is my first Lightroom plug-in, and I started it yesterday, so be sure to back up your catalog if you try it out :-[.

Nice work!

Just wanted to note that I have used ExportSnapshot along with BackupHelper without any issues for the past five months.


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