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Debian Tails OS question

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How would I make a few basic mods to the Linux OS on the DVD, such as adding DimScreen or OpenOffice and burning it to DVD again?
-bit (May 21, 2014, 09:40 AM)
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It's a little more complicated than that unfortunately. You couldn't modify a live distro without remastering the DVD itself. Not an easy thing to do if you're new to Linux. IF you wanted to customize something like that, it would be better to do it as a virtual machine which would provide 98% of the safeguards you'd get running off a live disk. Be aware however that Tails was specifically configured to provide zero opportunities for a traceback. So whatever you decided to add to such a distro (should you remaster it) would need to be chosen and configured with that in mind.

Could I boot from the live Linux DVD, then do a 'hot' plug-in of my SATA HD as needed to transfer a few things like DimScreen, then do a 'hot' unplug of the SATA HD again?
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In most cases you could use an external drive with a live distro - but usually not to install software since the directories an installer will want to write to would be on the read-only media. A portable-type app should work however - as long as it wasn't trying to write temporary files someplace it couldn't. (Some "portable" apps try to do that.)

I also don't remember if Tails is provisioned to mount an external drive. Because Tail's goal is to protect you during a web session, it may have disabled external drive mounting. And even if you could, it might not be a good idea if stealthy operation was your main concern.. But that's using Tails. Pretty much all the other live distros will allow you to use USB keys and external drives with no hassles.

What's the latest and greatest Linux flavor people recommend now?
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There will be as many answers to that question as there are people giving answers. Good beginner distros (IMOHO) are Linux Mint or Linux Lite. Both can be run from a bootable DVD if you just want to try them out.

A very comprehensive source for information and links to Linux distributions and apps is Distrowatch. It's pretty much the main directory for what's out there. As of this week they're tracking 287 active distributions, with another 265 waiting to be listed (see below) - so there’s bound to be something in that collection you can live with.

Gee, my Win7 32-bit can only make use of 3GB of my available 4GB RAM; maybe a live bootable Linux could enable all 4GB.

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It's possible to use above 3Gb of RAM with a 32-bit version of Linux - if your distro is using something called a 32-bit PAE (physical address extension) kernal. However, even if you can access over 3Gb of RAM, the per process RAM limitations of 32-bit Linux still cap out at 3Gb - even with a PAE enabled kernal. So it's still a bit of a kludge and generally not recommended. Like Windows, if you want to use over 3GB of RAM, you're much better off going with the 64-bit version of an OS.

Hope this was helpful! :Thmbsup:

Gee, I downloaded the Linux Cinnamon .iso file, burned it to disk, and added an Archives folder with Firefox and some other things, and it wouldn't boot.
I deleted the Archives folder and it still wouldn't boot from the Cinnamon .iso; no 'click on any key to boot from DVD' option.
Is that not the way to do that?

Hey, check it out; my next post will be my 200th, and you (40hz) are 3 posts away from 10,000 so congrats in advance.

Okay, newbie here; I literally burned the .iso to DVD; didn't work.
Found out how to tell Windows to burn image file; booted in Linux Cinnamon.  ;D

In Linux Cinnamon Desktop (very pretty), clicked on Firefox, got on Internet, checked my IP and it accurately ID'd my actual IP and location.
Looked around but could not find any TOR or Vidalia (this is a 'must have' for me).

Right-clicked on Desktop but could not find how to change teeny-tiny screen resolution almost requiring magnifying glass.

So far, Win7 w/TOR hides my IP and contains AdBlock add-on; Linux Mint doesn't and unless it's in there somewhere this is a 'critical' for me, as in 'fail', because Linux Mint gives away my direct IP and home address and lets in ads.

Otherwise it was very nice, but I absolutely can't live without TOR Vidalia.

So you're saying to physically unplug my HD before booting from a live Linux DVD?
-bit (May 21, 2014, 09:40 AM)
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Well, that would be really secure, but not necessary.  By 'mounting' I meant to make the disk available to the operating system via the 'mount' command.  If you don't mount it, the OS can't do anything with it.  

On remastering your own Linux flavor:

Linux Live scripts:
A set of shell scripts to convert your existing system into a live CD or USB image.  No GUI.

A Debian/Ubuntu tool that can create CD, USB, and netboot images.  Doesn't use your existing system, but downloads packages and builds them into a new ISO image.

Nice little remastering tool for Fedora.  Advance features for picking the packages you want, and can create a Live disk or proper Installer.

Ubuntu tool that helps you to modify an existing Ubuntu distro.  Start with Ubuntu Live, Install, or Server and customize away.

OpenSuse KIWI:
This time, a remastering tool for OpenSuse

Create a customized Live CD/DVD (a remaster) of Debian and its derivatives, or back up an entire system, including user data, to an installable Live CD/DVD.
Development has stopped, with the developer citing 'BS' as his reason, but a fork has been attempted:

Basically a RemasterSys alternative.  Only works with Ubuntu (as far as I can tell).

Fedora Remix:
Start with Fedora, add in or remove whatever software you want, and create a Live CD

Ubuntu Mini-Remix:
Start with a very minimal Ubuntu environment, remix it with the magical tools, Voila!

There were others, but many were old/discontinued (Novo builder, Nimblex) or could not make a Live CD (Instalinux).

Mmm, Edvard, how about a separate thread for that list of yours? :)


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