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*NIX: Unexpected Behavior of HDD (internal VS enclosure?)

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Probably, after all, it is your data and the access you have to it shouldn't be determined by any device that can't get the numbers straight. Unless the data is of no importance to you, of course.

For fun you should try a USB2 enclosure and see where if the numbers are as expected in that one. If so, you could find out more regarding the chipset being used to convert SATA3 and USB.

Thanks for the feedback -- very much appreciated!

I don't seem to have a USB 2 enclosure I can mess around with without voiding a warranty, but may be once an appropriate one expires, I'll try your suggestion.

Is it possible that the different brands commandeer small amounts of disk space for scratchpad use, log files, caching or writing a few small data files for the controller's reference when running internal checks or diagnostics? That might account for the small discrepancies between different units.  

Different brands may also introduce small patches to the drive to optimize USB performance with the enclosure.

Or maybe it's all just more NSA spookware.  ;D :P


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