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SpeedCrunch: calculator (for keyboard) & formula book!


It hasn't been mentioned in our forum for several years, (probably because it wasn't updated for 4½ yrs), but now (since 30 January 2014) the calculator SpeedCrunch 0.11 is out of "alpha", and is ready for your keyboard, while looking good at the same time! If you are anything like me, you will understand to appreciate the included formula book! ("dk": I am in dk, but the server is in USA. Will you be redirected?)

Oh-Eleven brings you syntax highlighting on the result display, predefined color schemes, instant function usage help, digit grouping, new languages, a slightly redesigned formula book with new sections, lots of visual perks, and a new icon. You can now include comments in the expression - everything after a question mark (?) will be ignored and highlighted differently. Finally, both comma and dot are now accepted as radix characters.-SpeedCrunch 0.11
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Their site is fancy looking, I guess -
click one of the upper icons (exe, dmg, zip):


The input field is black on black, and
the included formula book is right at hand:


SpeedCrunch will give you wonderfully useful guidelines:


Click to enlarge (449x1448 pixels), to see the available functions:

SpeedCrunch: calculator (for keyboard) & formula book!



Thanks for the news!

Been a happy user of the most recent older (portable) version :-*

Have not been happy with the likes of http://<whatever> redirecting to http://<whaterver>.blogspot.<2-letter-code-of-we-know-where-your-access-is-from>/...


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