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URL Snooper deleted by Panda Cloud Antivirus


url snooper deleted by panda cloud antivirus

any ideas why this is so?

oh lord, these antivirus companies and their stupidity sometimes..
there is nothing malicious in url snooper -- not even any adware, bundled toolbars, or ANYTHING questionable.

so it sounds like Panda is being ridiculous.

does it give you any indication of why it did it -- what it *thinks* is wrong?

usually these stupid antivirus programs at least make some claim that they found some "generic unknown" thing that they don't understand so they are flagging it as questionable.
it takes an unusually terrible antivirus product to just outright delete things without asking the user's permission.

Wow! Most AVs let you set the default detection response.

Most default to "Ask what to do" - probably more to cover their butts than anything else. But that doesn't mean the enduser can't set them to automatically remove or quarantine a suspicious file. Does Panda Cloud not provide that as an option?

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