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Create a profiles for users on a Workgroup and disable Homegroup options & wifi

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That said you might look at something like Argon Switcher to set up a couple network profiles.-x16wda (May 17, 2014, 07:28 AM)
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You can also use the Windows netsh command - set things up how you want, then 'netsh dump >worknet.cmd'

The resultant command file will allow you to restore the network configuration at any time.

Low-tech but it works.

Thanks guys, these are all great ideas.  I like the one about the DOMAIN as I have fought for that right for years  Ii is amazing how CHEAP  companies  who make several mil$ per year can be!!  Would you believe my only option to provide remote support for the employees was the FRE  HOME ONLY TeamViewer?

Thank GOD TeamV put the "boot" on 'em the past few todays and BANNED them  :)  RIGHT when they needed it most,  I have a great laugh over that as I have pushed for years to get this done,  I ask then if they would work very long of very hard for FREE???

They still would not say yes and resorted to AMMYY  I got fed up and just used the company credit card and bought a license for TV! 
That is also the reason they have Spyware and Malware and viruses.
NONE of the employees know anything.  They are had Outdated AV software (IF they have anything at all.

On  more pressing issue;  We have had some recent changes in our Internet provided and I need to shift gears again.
This is a more interesting topic that brings up some issues that I find are not so ay to get answers to.
So while this is still an ongoing issue that threw another wrench into the mx and I feel it better to start another thread but I am not through with this one either.
It is also network related though so any who can offer suggestions.

See:  Best way to maintain high speed Internet through multiple switches in this same forum
Thanks and I am going to try all of the above answers,


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