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Valley of Dolls - remote village of Nagoro, Japan populated by dolls

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Ahh... nope, nope, nope... :o

Ayano Tsukimi (64) is living in Nagoro, a village in eastern Iya on Shikoku, one of the four main islands of Japan. Not many people are still living there. For those who die or move away, Ayano Tsukimi is making lifesized dolls in their liking and puts them in places that were important to them. The dolls are scattered around the whole valley.

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Also, explore the village virtually with Google maps:,134.019458,3a,75y,101h,74.99t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sHOoUvTsq_J5g5qrqExtA9w!2e0

from ah... nope.

The film Dolls got me interested in watching movies with Kanno Miho.  Maybe no connection except she was a real doll.  ;)

(I say "was" because I think she had some cosmetic work done.  Now she is merely beautiful.  But earlier she was incredibly cute with freckles.  Oh, and, yeah, she can act.  :)

I'll take a look at your links now.  :)

Edit: Not totally off topic.  In the film Dolls there is live action but also sequences with dolls of the type shown in the pic in your post.  (Hmm, seems I don't have the bandwidth on this WiFi to check it out now.  But I will later.)

Thanks for sharing, Edvard -- very cool.  :up:

Beautifully done! Speaks volumes about the human psyche and how it deals with separation and loss. :Thmbsup:

An interesting vid. That type of thing is why I like Japanese films/tv.

The movie Dolls that I linked consists of 3 vignettes.  The longest is the Kanno Miho vehicle.  Without giving the whole plot away, it is about 2 lovers who wander Japan for decades tied together by a rope.  I won't say more for chance of spoiling it.  But if you haven't seen it, it's a good alternative to the standard Kurosawa stuff.


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