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WildStar - colorful MMO in open beta


I couldn't find any mention of WildStar on the forum, and I must admit I hadn't heard about it myself until I was in the ESO beta, and some people were comparing them somewhere. I played it in a few of the beta weekends in the past month to see what it was like, and since it is currently in open beta (yes, anyone can get a code and try it until the 18th), I wanted to mention it.

WildStar is a MMORPG which was created by a group of developers from WoW. In some respects this shows, but both in a good and in a perhaps not so good way. On the surface, the colorful, playful, graphics and atmosphere reminds of WoW, but once you play a little, you see it is more like vanilla WoW then what we know today (and for people who played WoW for a long time, that is usually a good thing).

Things I like about it so far are the combat system, the paths feature, and that some things actually are hard and require skill (and well, after being in the ESO beta, something other than grey and brown is very appealing :P).

I don't think there is much point in me listing the things you can see on the homepage, and try out yourself if you like, so:

Wildstar has gone free-to-play today:

I like the look of this game. Thanks!


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