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[Suggestion] Secondary mode with execute on first unique match

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im getting similar behavior, looks like i didnt nail this one.. back to work for me.. stay tuned.

Try redownloading the new alpha version i think i fixed it.

Interesting, but what if you want to execute a program that has a lower score than Farr's first priority?
Lets say I want to run notepad and not notepad++ which is FARR's first result.

You can always launch any result you want by hitting the specific number (or alt+# depending on your configuration), double clicking, arrowing down, etc.  this specific request is about launching something when there is only one result.

Ah ... this looks much better. Yesterday after the testing i actually started doubting myself that i had seen it working in the first place.   ;)
This modified version does it correct now.

This brings up another question for me:  
Is there any way i can limit my searchresults further to a specific alias group for example with the options that are currently there?
(Question came up after i accidently ran one of the other included aliases)

I could think of a dirty workaround by naming my aliases with a prefix like e.g. "(ax)" so
the alias firefox would be named "(ax)firefox", an alias "filemanager" would be named "(ax)filemanager" and so on.

Then i would define the hotkey as "+alias +launchone (ax)" and could get what i want but i doesn´t really look too good.

Could i filter against the text "(ax)" for example in which case i could add it at the end of every alias i use for autoexecution?


Then there are the other options that would create work ...

- extend the +alias parameter to allow naming which alias lists to search through


However this would get clumpsy fast if a user would want to name more then one list of aliases

Another option would be to actually make this accessible per alias


However i guess i am just to blind to find a way with the tools already at my hand.


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