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[Suggestion] Secondary mode with execute on first unique match

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One way it could be done is to use a modifier in the search like "+autolaunch" that means to launch the result when there is only one.
You can already restrict results to only show alias matches by adding "+alias".

So then you can configure in the FARR hotkeys, a hotkey that will start the search box with:
"+alias +launchone "
and then just start typing and it would only show alias results and launch as soon as the results were narrowed down to only one result.

That sounds right about perfect   :Thmbsup:

Ok, that I can add -- especially since it doesn't require any additional options checkboxes.


And add +launchone to your search.

Hi, thank you.

This is pretty weird. I was about to write its working but now it doesn´t anymore.

I was testing with the portable version and added +alias +launchone to it. I created one alias "firefox" and with fi i had two results, once i typed the r it went down to one and firefox started.
But it did that exactly once. Since then i need to type the full word firefox until it launches.

I unpacked the download into a new folder, made sure there was no old process of Farr still running and tried again - same result - had to type the full word despite having only one result after the first 3 letters.

I will check this at my workplace pc tomorrow and post back.


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