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BUG?: Paintbrush Object Settings


I am using the portable version of SC, and I want to take an image that I have captured and edit it, adding lines, etc with the paint tool. I perform the following steps:
1. capture the image
2. select 'Save Image and Show' - the image editor pops up with my image.
3. click the paintbrush tool (Paintbrush Object)

If I do not change any of the settings for the paintbrush tool, I am OK.

If I change the settings, my changes will not take effect until I close the paint tool and open it again.

I am guessing that this is not how the tool is supposed to work??

Thank you for such an awesome program :)


I just installed the full version of this program to see if the same thing occurred, and it did. Am I doing something wrong, or is this, indeed, a bug?

I also notice that when I click the 'Clear All Paint' button, the paint doesn't actually clear until I click again somewhere in the work area.

hi Jim,
I cannot reproduce either problem here on Win7 x64, with SC v4.8.5
What's your OS ?

Cannot reproduce it either, both things are working fine.
Using SC portable on a Win7 x64 laptop.


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