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Advice needed about splitting or re-sizing a partition ...

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I have just inherited a Dell E6400 laptop with a 80gb hdd, nothing much installed on the single C:/ partition, though there is some precious data there that I've backed up elsewhere.

I would like to create a second partition to store data - what is best : to split C:/ into two partitions, or re-size (i.e. reduce) C:/ so as to free unallocated space and create a new partition ?

I would be using MiniTools Partition Wizard or similar.

The whole thing is a bit nail-biting ... advice please.


On that small a harddrive, I'd keep the single partition, to most efficiently balance the application/data ratio.

I find that 80 GB is quite small for a system-drive, at least for Win7..., so fixed-reserving space for a data partition doesn't feel 'right'

I have to agree with Ath -- with only 80gb, I'd stick with one partition.  Otherwise you are *VERY* likely to find yourself a year down the road and out of space on one of your two partitions.

Stoic Joker:
Third vote for a onesie! :D

...If you think splitting it is scary...wait till it overflows and you got to put it back together with zero free space (eek!).

One is safer.

Now if you just can't resist...(some folks enjoy danger)...shrink C: first, and then add the data part.

OK, thanks folks, I'll take that advice and leave things as such (while attempting to keep things clean and lean ...).


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