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Trouble Popup Subtitles: scrolling capture in


Hi forum.

Trouble in website In Articles, the Titles and Subtitles* are displayed as pop-ups on Top.

Or another Articles with a lot of paragraphs of text.

I don't find good Fix, changing the item values from "Object and scrolling capture tool".

*Subtitles: Subjects, name of articles or topics there. Not video multimedia context.

I'm not following what you are trying to say -- can you elaborate?

Hi mouser.

Thanks for replying.
No demerits to Screenshot Captor because of this. Only I report a issue particular in known webpage.

It is easy to prove through the link.
"Method # of 13: ... ..." Subtitles, climb up the Top of webpage while scrolling, then the Capture contains overlap not easy to remove.


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