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Feature Request for Hotkey

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Well i already have code to detect second instance and pass on the commandline paramwters to the first instance.

But, you have a point and an idea -- which is to make a tiny dummy second instance exe that serves no other purpose than to pass along the commandline to the first running instance.
Not a bad idea at all -- and in fact could be done as a generic utility that would work with all of my apps..

If you use the same utility for each app, you'll have to have a way for the utility to distinguish between each program's hidden window.

Can you try the latest beta:

here (or portable).

And try invoking a second instance after the first is running, with commandlines:
   -ccpath  (copy current/last screenshot filepath to clipboard)
   -ccbitmap (copy current/last screenshot image bitmap to clipboard)
   -ccfile (copy current/last screenshot file to clipboard)

Mouser,  that works like a charm.  I used autohotkey to set the hotkeys and it works like a charm.

Thank you very much, Mouser!

Excellent.  I'm happy to hear requests for more such commandline functions, and I will try to make a smaller helper utility and/or support windows messages for faster triggering of these functions.


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