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Feature Request for Hotkey

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Mouser,  I am dying here.  I *really* want the ability to assign global hotkeys for "Copy last image to clipboard" AND "Copy last image file-path to clipboard".  I am becoming very weary of navigating the menu on the tray icon.

You see, I *love* having the last screenshot image on my clipboard and I use that all the time.  But I just as often need the image's file path.  If I had hotkeys, I could attach the functions to the extra buttons on my mouse and I'd be really happy.

Hopefully there is joy in the future for me!

I have been planning to rewrite the hotkey system in SC to make it much more flexible and let user configure some custom hotkeys.. so it is on my todo list.
However, let me say this -- one EASY thing for me to add would be some commandline switches or windows-messages that would do common things like you are asking, that you could use with a standalone hotkey tool.
Do you have a standalone hotkey tool that is capable of sending windows messages to a running app?


Actually, commandline switches would be even better!  I am an avid autohotkey fan, and I also use powerpro.

Commandline switches would be WONDERFUL!!!!

Yes, I can send messages too, using autohotkey or powerpro.

Commandline switches would be easier to code, but i fear it might introduce a delay that would be annoying for these particular functions.
Ok let me see what i can add.

Mouser - there is another way.

A normal commandline switch will run a new instance of the program, which would require your program to detect an already running version, do it's thing, and then exit.

However, if you add a hidden window with a textbox and a submit button to SC, then you can create a second commandline app that finds that hidden box and types commands into the text box and pushes the submit button.  The second app will do nothing more than receive the commandline, post the simple text, push the button, then exit.

This way, you practically get commandlines to a running application without having to exit.
I have an autohotkey sample of this if you want.
I also made this post on StackExchange about a different method using C#.


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