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Firefox with multiple rows of tabs!?

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When I poke around/research, I start wherever, then spawn "child pages" into the new tabs. But I have a limited capacity for dealing with the holistic flow after about seven tabs or so, especially because half way through I start with a new "top node page".

I'm not so worried about every last pixel of vertical space - so it would be an amusing addon that you can have multiple rows of tabs so if your have say five main topics going on, each topic gets its own line and then you intuitively know all the spawned tabs belong to that top node. (Maybe a couple misc junk lines you don't care about at the bottom.)

The best I can do so far is use my desktop splitter, then multi browser tabs, x tabs per browser, and the browser windows are color coded because FF main is orange and Palemoon is blue.

But multi tab rows would be neat.


Tab mix plus allows multiple rows and lots of control over tabs, but I dont think it'll do the new row for each topic...

Very worth having anyway imo. Doesnt seem to be available for pale moon, I'm using Tab Utilities there which is similar (but less flexible in my experience so far).

Doesnt seem to be available for pale moon,
-tomos (May 06, 2014, 04:12 AM)
--- End quote ---

Hmmm...I am using Tab Mix Plus in Pale Moon, without any issues. It's installed primarily for this multi-row tabs feature.

Yes, Tab Mix Plus works perfectly in Pale Moon...and while you can't configure which tabs pop up on which rows, you can group tabs together in order of importance in a rudimentary way.

That's most of the way there! But is there any way to adjust how many tabs / width per tab before it creates a row, maybe a toggleable setting? Right now it seems to be ten.


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