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Efficiently view set of .htm files, one after another

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Hope you can do your magic with URL files (web bookmark files) as well.-nkormanik (May 05, 2014, 09:21 PM)
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Please download again:

Error popups should be reduced, URL files are supported, and the statusbar updates more like a real web browser now.


Mass HTM Viewer does seem to work better now on stored .htm files.  Thanks!

And great to see the inclusion of URL links, too.

Appears URL links are trickier for the embedded browser.  Sometimes a message appears in status bar at bottom... "Waiting for...."  And that never ends.  Web browser freezes.  Have to use Windows Task Manager to kill entire program.

Other websites with no status bar message simply cause Mass HTM Viewer to freeze up.  Have to, once again, use Windows Task Manager to kill program.

Does it freeze up consistently on certain .URL files?  If so, can you PM me a few of them?

Yes, consistently.  I only tried a handful of URLs, though, so far.

I'll PM you one to begin with...


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