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Ludum Dare topic for other games

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Oh, man. I'm replying real late. Sorry about that, I've been really swamped with finals and the like. Tao, I normally try and stay away from letting others make direct suggestions on mechanical changes that should be made to my games, but you seem to have a much more firm grasp on the game in it's current state than I think most people do, so I'd be glad to send you a tweakable demo and stay in touch to create a more fairly balanced game. Unfortunately, I am still a bit tied up with studying and doing research, so I won't be able to go in and make those changes for another week or so.
-Burgerdare (May 18, 2014, 10:38 PM)
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Hiya Burgerdare!

Any news on this front?
Ps. gang he has posted a fix to the random number generator. I haven't looked at this in a while, so I am trying a couple of test runs today. I'm also fiddling with a spreadsheet to try to speed up some of the info organization for the strategy calcs.

Just to save people running around, here is the link again to the LD page:

Heh I got a bit back into this again today, and worked on a little more strategy. The more I play the more I think this could be a valid topic for someone's semester paper in things like game theory and AI!

My first couple of spreadsheets blocked out the basic charts that are a snap to just clear out and re-use. But then I started finding that I was losing up to half an hour on some of the calculations!
Whereas the algorithms aren't that tough, it's just laborious to calculate them by hand. With an interface a comp could do it in a snap.

Today's tips:
Check the Miner Preferences early on and ditch the game if for example "no one likes hugs" because that means that all game long every draw of a hug is sub-optimal and therefore the initial tableau *cannot* be optimum for playing (unless you are purposely doing it for the challenge.)

You should also kill a draw when you get three "hate" prefs and three "like" prefs each bunched on a row rather than a 2 2 1.

Undermined Tips Cont:

I just realized an important trick I had sorta seen but kinda missed.
When you clear out a category such as the Red Security, the next round it goes *up* by a point! So maybe if you rotate which categories you clear out each round, instead of just leaving them all "slowly depleting" you might want to sit on one and then the next time you clear it out with a "double" you gain back a net point. The math on that gets really fierce!

Here is a 3 Miner win!

Ludum Dare topic for other games

I also have good records on the stats of the progress of the game. I feel I am getting close to the best play on any medium draw of the game. The general strategy was to def rotate categories to gain a couple of extra hit points here and there, really keep the chaos down as much as possible, and then way at the end maneuver for a minimaxed tempo knowing you are gonna sacrificed two miners boosting the other three until you can run out the clock.

You def need some good middlegame draws though, it's frustrating to have a really good opening hand and then in the middle get a terrible run of resources that ruins it!

Here's a crazy little monster fighting game with hysterical artwork!


You are an angry barbarian who takes power up potions and helicopter swings swords!

I learned about it from the Ludum Dare to Believe game play videos.

Here's a truncated clip shot after winning the game (with casualties) -  

I rate the game as Tao Easy-Plus. It's a very short game and I have beaten it a couple of times after a couple of hours of trying. The jump is really generous, without having to be pixel perfect on the distance timing. And there are plenty of potions, so you're not trying too hard to hoard that one crucial resource from way back at the start of the level like some games.

I like the unusual way it handles damage - it is still possible to win missing half hour limbs!
:o  ;D

A couple of hints to make it even easier to win:
- A slightly slower pace than full steam ahead works well because the collision detection on the swords is pretty good and you can get your three slice hits in from a nice far distance. Adding a bit of a back-forth wiggle worked for me to help separate the monsters to divide and conquer.
- The Ludum Dare to Believe "Button Masher Bros" guys also found the trick where you can (with a bit of work) get your swords facing out in front and slowly skewer the zombies as a second rate attack long enough to get your potions back.
- You can do "anti-gravity jump reversals" aka jump but then you can pull back and still save yourself a lot of times from a mistake.

All in all, right down my alley!


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