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Ludum Dare topic for other games

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This one is a cute little text based mine simulator. It's a 10 round turn each time so you can blast through your games really quick. It's also in my range of "relaxingly easy" because I beat it in ten minutes. : )

(When you're testing Ludum games it's nice to have a few you can zip through!) : )

Tip: If you worry too much about "improving efficiency" reports, the numbers come back counter-intuitive/buggy. Other things get in there besides the "base" efficiency.

The LD page:

Okay, my first favorite today so far is this one:
The Gathering - oatsbarley - 48 Hour Compo Entry

This is a pretty clean mini version of Civilization.

Plus it's relaxingly easy - this is the kind of game I'm glad isn't that hard.

I beat it twice this afternoon.

-TaoPhoenix (May 01, 2014, 03:27 PM)
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Okay, trying for a "new game in the game", I've gotten a couple of results and equilibriums around 500-600 people. I think with a little work someone can top 700 but that's prob close to the logistical game limit. (I am impressed though for a Ludum Dare it still does the math sorta right with 600 targets.) (I ran into a strategic mistake if your guys are too far away they get stuck in cycles.)

Here's a 625 man win.

Ludum Dare topic for other games

This is rated Phoenix Easy-Plus or Easy/LowMedium

Some of today's Ludum Dare investigations:

Doomsday Bunker

The LD Page:

- a cute little "Sim-Bunker" game, though the difficulty is calibrated a bit tight. The "limiting factors" are food, water, and air, and then when the bombs drop those start to go down. So you can add more people, and more storage for food and water, but it sorta grinds you down after a while. I like sim games that are a bit softer.


The LD Page

More of interactive art, with a minor game mechanic. But it's all about grand technicolor art!

Scary Ugly Face

The LD Page:

A when xkcd and Hyperbole-and-a-half get drunk and end up in bed together!

Blackwald Forest

The LD Page:

A fairly big team visited the German forests and did lots of 3d photo render scanning of the actual forest. The graphics on this one are amazing! I can't get the hang of the game mechanic but someone with really good hand-eye skills should be able to do pretty well.


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