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Issue after installing V1.142.01


Since upgrading to v1.142.01 I am encountering an issue with Microsoft Lync.

For example I have node type of "Command" with: sip:[email protected] (I replaced the last part with xxx & yyy to protect the innocent).  Prior to the upgrade this worked fine but now I get an error "File could not be found to launch: 'sip:[email protected]'. Once I close this error dialog, the correct Microsoft Lync window opens as before.  Similarly I am getting this same type of error while trying to run a command prompt (CMD) via LBC.

I can successfully run these commands without issue from the windows run prompt.

Any ideas?

Grrrr too bad this wasn't picked up in the beta testing "phase" >:
It's part of the new code to throw an error if the file to launch was not found.
I can see now that I should have checked first if it's a real filename, and if not, skip the file existence check.  I will fix and release a new update this weekend.

If you re-download the official version now the error should be gone.

Hi Mouser,

That took you a little over an hour to get that bug fixed and out for release, I am really impressed!  Sorry I didn't get around to beta testing or I would have caught it then.

Thanks very much for your prompt response.


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