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Developers and the truth (or close to it)


This made me laugh as it's so close to 'another (day|week|month|year) at the office':  ;D

Stoic Joker:
Good Stuff Man ... Thanks for Sharing!

Then this article should be mentioned as well!  :Thmbsup:

(it is a direct link to a PDF file from a Microsoft programmer, but brilliant nonetheless)

Heh I'm not even a programmer and both of those are great!

I always suspected such things were true, as every time I open a Pandora's box in my feeble attempts at programming, I can see the slithery tail and hear the rustle of membranous wings before the beast even rears it's head.  So far, I have managed to shut the lid each time, but still it beckons with it's jeweled accoutrements and promises of glory and wisdom.  So far, Pascal has not bitten me, though strong typing has induced some episodes of teeth grinding, but one day I will venture into wild territory, and then...
Very funny reads, BTW...


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