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4 (Maybe more) Absolute top go-to programs

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Almost all of my favourite programs from the past have been abandoned, so I guess my favourites of the present also may be abandoned some time in the future - so what if I like (FastStone Capture) this (Pale Moon) or that (jetAudio was updated!!) program (Dynamic-Photo HDR 5)? Tomorrow will be a different story.
-Curt (May 07, 2014, 04:03 PM)
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Wow, Curt.  Sounds like you've had a bad day/week/month.  :(  Yes, it's true that nothing lasts for ever, but that's no reason not to enjoy programs while they're useful and no reason not to be interested in what other people like.  And for that matter, I've continued to find some programs very useful for a decade or more.  HyperSnap and I go back 17 years; there almost never a day that I'm at my computer without using it.  Mulberry is still my primary email client after 14 years of use (in spite of my trying unsuccessfully to find a more modern replacement).  UltraEdit has been my default text editor for about the same amount of time.  Someone turned me on to ActiveWords ten years ago, and I still use it every day.  Carpe diem program.  :)
-cyberdiva (May 07, 2014, 04:35 PM)
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cyberdiva, that inspired me to comment on my (still) most used work tool - Freehand 9.
I even have it running under Windows 8.1 (14 years after release/purchase) - it doesnt like my trackpad (I dont either, but it works okay with a mouse), no compatability business required:

screenshot of 8.1 use
[FWIW I have a copy of Illustrator, but, apart from it's slowness, I'm just too set in my ways to change that easily ;)]

Wow, Curt.  Sounds like you've had a bad day/week/month. -cyberdiva (May 07, 2014, 04:35 PM)
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-yeah, diva, you're right. Two blood clots, one in each leg, two days before Eastern. I was lucky, no symptoms, except for pains in the muscles - but it clearly was reflected in my mood. To my defence, I did answer the question about my 4 top go-to programs ;-)


Tom, your screenshot is scary; thank you for hiding it!!!  :P

Curt, I'm very sorry to hear about the blood clots.  I hope they don't give you any more grief.  Can they be treated?  dissolved?  Given your worries, I'm impressed that you answered the question about your go-to programs.  I doubt I could have done that. 

-thanks a lot, diva. I was so ecstatic to find no symptoms, that I simply didn't think to call for an ambulance, but merely made a normal reservation after the holiday at my private doctors', via her homepage. This was stupid, very stupid, because there is nothing there can be done, if one is not at the hospital, and she could not even write down my incident as being Real Life, because of the lack of evidence.

True Launch Bar
Chameleon Startup Manager Pro (and AnVir Task Manager Pro)
CFi ShellToys

-I use them each and every day, but now ShellToys seems to be abandoned...

Yeah, likewise, gute besserung Curt!

Tom, your screenshot is scary; thank you for hiding it!!!  :P
-Curt (May 10, 2014, 05:47 AM)
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I can think of reasons, but I'm not sure why you find it scary :) multiple choice:
(a) desktop colour
(b) win8
(c) the working plan-drawing,
(d) simply seeing something of such antiquity on 8
or, none of the above?

Tbh, I only ever really use it on my Win7 desktop, but it works fine on the 8.1 laptop)


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