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National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC)

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Stoic Joker:
So I'm really confused what they think the magic bullet tech concept in this is.-TaoPhoenix (May 06, 2014, 09:10 AM)
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The "magic" is that once the bullet goes in your head, you can't complain any more ... So only "happy" - or at least to scared to complain - people are left ... Making for excellent press.

It's a sheeple driven self defeating feedback loop.

At the risk of threadjacking, the question I keep coming back to personally is whether our problem systems can be torn down, as in saving the system, or whether it's too late and we're stuck with burning it all down. At one point I was almost convinced the US represented too much geography and population to manage effectively via representative democracy.

Increasingly I've come to the opinion serious term limits across all elected and appointed positions, effectively implemented, is the ultimate future of democratic government. It's one of those lessons you sort of have to learn the hard way. It will happen in waves, as these sorts of changes always do, and it may still be a century or more in the future for all I know.

Let's say we implement my overly ambitious term limits throughout the government. We've perhaps changed the flow of appointees to the bloated politicorporate machinery, but what's going to cut out the rot? How many decades do we have/are we willing to wait for that? I think a lot of things will become clearer, much quicker suddenly, perhaps more than once.

My oldest daughter is already voting age, my second youngest will be there in a month and a half, and 3 1/2 years from now all my kids will be voting. They belong to a generation which has had a peek behind the curtain and been confronted with the country's political and corporate machinery in a raw and personally meaningful way. What some of us argued in vain for decades is now common knowledge. Is it too little too late? Is it just the normal course correction of democracy?

What do you think? Can we tear out the rot in the US or should we burn it down and start over?

Also, in the case of a bloody revolution leading to the balkanization of the former United States, which part of my former country do you recommend landing in when the dust settles? Iowa would still be a vital transportation hub in the new world order, but I'm not sure I want to live in a country without a coastline.   :P

^Yup! Just like (by law) your "social security" number was only legally allowed to be used for obtaining government benefits under the federal Social Security Program. They constantly emphasised it was not intended to be a national ID card (like the bad guy Soviet Union issued) or to be used for any other purpose.

Then the IRS started using it for income tax returns. Then the banks started using it for customer ID and "tax reporting purposes." Then colleges and universities because of government student loans. Then many states started using it purely for state programs such as driver's licenses and arrest records. Then businesses started using it for customer identification...

Yep. Not a "national ID card." And strictly "limited to government use." Understood...

But...with the government involved openly (or covertly) in just about every aspect of American public and "private" life (talk about an oxymoron), what isn't "government business" any more?

This really sucks. And what makes it suck even more is that it will come to pass - and hardly anybody will care.

Here's how it will end. Because that's the way this sort of thing always ends:

-40hz (May 06, 2014, 08:52 AM)
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And THAT is why there can be no "moderation" or "middle road". If you give these criminals an inch, they'll take a mile... for starters.

There can be no negotiations or compromises on principles. Compromising principles ends badly.

Whether is is free speech, firearms freedom, or security in your personal property and life, sacrificing a part is akin to sacrificing it all.

Some people may hate it, but it's why some of us say, "What part of 'shall not be infringed' did you not understand?"

Principles. They matter.

It may or may not be too late:

“We Are No Longer a Nation Ruled By Laws”

Pulitzer prize winning reporter Chris Hedges – along with journalist Naomi Wolf, Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, activist Tangerine Bolen and others – sued the government to join the NDAA’s allowance of the indefinite detention of Americans.

The trial judge in the case asked the government attorneys 5 times whether journalists like Hedges could be indefinitely detained simply for interviewing and then writing about bad guys.

The government refused to promise that journalists like Hedges won’t be thrown in a dungeon for the rest of their lives without any right to talk to a judge.
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What do you think? Can we tear out the rot in the US or should we burn it down and start over?
-Vurbal (May 06, 2014, 03:16 PM)
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Burn it down.

We have thousands of years of history that illustrate that governments always end badly. Always. Why continue with a system that we KNOW is inherently flawed and that does not work? It's insane to do so.

You are not allowed to kidnap, murder, or steal, unless you are "government"? Just how does that make sense? A special privileged class that is above the law?

Mass murder is bad, unless you're "government" and call mass murder "war"? Can anyone tell me just how mass murder is good?

The US started as the smallest, most limited form of government, but has mushroomed into an 8,000 tonne demonic gorilla.

It is not ending well...

Burn it down. the new world order...
-Vurbal (May 06, 2014, 03:16 PM)
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I do wonder what you are getting at there. I'll skip comments as they're more appropriate for the basement.

I haven't seen or heard of anything good coming out of fighting either, in the last couple of millenium at any rate.


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