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can you help me please with my interview?



Can you help me please with my interview?

I am about to give this interview for an organization and I will be asked to give evidence about the following, using the STAR technique for interviews (Situation, Task, Action Result).

* Core Competence – Collaborating and Partnering
* Core Competence – Leading and Communicating
* Core Competence – Delivering at Pace
* Knowledge about the organization
* Understanding of the key features of a system
I have already done my research and I attempted to answer the questions, but I would like input from other people, in order to combine opinions and come up with improvements in my responses.

So can you tell me please what you would mention for the above subjects?

Your answer would be nice to be specific (ie. specific examples) but also a general plan of your response would be ok, eg. regarding 'knowledge of the organization' one could include the number of employees, the budget, the goals, etc.



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