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*NIX: Luakit, dwb, and other alternative browsers

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Thanks for the suggestions.

I tried uzbl and jumanji a bit -- my initial impression after looking around a bit is that development has slowed or stopped for them.

xxxterm seems to also go by the name have been renamed as 'xombrero' -- just installed.


* I like how a default search engine is not chosen but instead a screen showing a list of choices is displayed :)
* Keybindings somehow a little easier to learn than some of the others.
* Low-contrast color scheme - handy for JoTo and like-minded folk ;)
* Focusing search field via key binding seems to work pretty well (in contrast, things I happened to try with dwb didn't work out so well)
* Can jump to beginning / end of document using Home / End keys - dwb provides this via gg and G
* Can reopen closed tabs

* A bit ironic that at the time of this writing trying to view the github issues page using xombrero leads to a crash here [1]...
* I've yet to figure out how to get it to ask for confirmation on quitting...though I guess the appropriate key bindings could be modified or elimintated...
* I lost part of this post accidentally via some mistyping...but "undo" didn't seem to recover it :(
* Going back a page seems to position the "view port" at the top of the page - losing where one was looking before going forward or clicking on a link - dwb seems to preserve this
* Haven't found way to open a link in a new tab in the background - dwb seems to have this
* Seems to spawn pop-ups in tabs by default - dwb doesn't appear to do this by default
* Doesn't seem to support key bindings that use multiple modifiers (e.g. both Shift and Control) - dwb doesn't appear to either

Haven't gotten around to Vimprobable yet.  Vimprobable2 also dies on xombrero's github issues page...

[1] He he...also crashed dwb!

I realy like and use qutebrowser.
mostly  keyboard driven but can use the mouse, easy to change the keybindings.

Which is based on Python and WebKit - far from being "lightweight", sadly.
I am using the "brave" browser.
I like the user interface and it's really fast.


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