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IDEA: Add CCleaner secure file delete to Explore/Opus context menu

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I am looking into the context menu, but what if I made an app that you can drag and drop files/folders and then pass them to CCLeaner.exe?

Hang on, let me get back to you soonest.
I am investigating some other things that I am just remembering/realizing.
Reverting...  :)

Point is that in the commandline users have to define exactly what, i.e. name of files, name of folders, should be securely deleted.
Meaning that the names of files/folders are 'fixed' in advance.
Whereas my idea is to select files/folders (can be anything) and that these files/folders are 'passed on' to ccleaner to be erased.
As said, currently one has to use 3rd party tools (fileshredders) having context menu support.
Well, anyway.. it was/is a suggestion only.

-dcwul62 (April 27, 2014, 07:55 AM)
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In the command line you use "%1" as placeholder for the file or folder that was right clicked.  There are many examples on the web.

Dopus used offer secure delete 'in house' - is that gone? (couldn't find it myself)

Search for "Secure delete" in the help:
There are two ways to use secure delete:
On a per-file basis, using the Secure Wipe command in the drop-down attached to the Delete button on the toolbar.


When you run this command, selected files and folders will be overwritten the number of times specified on the File Operations / Deleting Files page in Preferences.

If you always want to use secure delete, you can turn on the Use Secure Wipe option on the Deleting Files page in Preferences. With this option on, Opus will use secure delete whenever it's not deleting files to the recycle bin - so if you for example, press Shift+Delete to delete a file bypassing the recycle bin, the file will be securely deleted. You can even turn off the recycle bin altogether if desired.
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@tomos: Yes, it's quite clear from the manual that this secure delete/"wipe" feature is already in Opus. I presume it would be a feature in any decent alternative to Windows Explorer - e.g., it's in xplorer² (which I use).


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